How Nice Is…?
Global Niceness Mapping and Rating

How Nice Is...? | Algorithm
Our algorithm calculates general social, industrial, natural, ecological and commercial aspects of the globe using all publically available measurable data including social media engagement.

Platform evaluating niceness of the area

Algorithm measuring niceness

Color scheme expressing niceness

Layer on the map

How Nice Is…?

We believe that one of the most important aspects influencing our lives is how nice a certain place really is. This is exactly how we choose where to live, what to eat and do locally or where to travel for holidays.That information until now was just individual opinion, not organized, not measured and not official.

Think of us as the power to deliver instantly all of the combined public data available from any opinion, blog or review from anyplace! We calculate, measure and present the most important aspects of daily life.

Desktop, iOS & Android

From global level to neighborhood level!

Zoom into any area and get a clear picture of exactly what's nice to find out what your looking for.

Available for download early 2019

For Global Users it is:

  • • Platform evaluating niceness of the observed area
  • • Algorithm measuring niceness
  • • Color scheme expressing niceness
  • • Layer on the map

For Business Users:

  • • Niceness evaluation and certification
  • • Signals
  • • Trends
  • • Predictions
  • • Historical overview

Serving industries like:

  • • All Retail
  • • Real Estate
  • • Banking
  • • Investment companies
  • • Travel industry
  • • Sports/Outdoors


Our essential offerings give governments, companies and individuals the complete understanding of any area so you can make good decisions.


To be the world’s leading provider of research and insights to make everyone's everyday life nicer.

We mine through billions of bytes of relevant data to calculate and uncover what matters and ultimately discover 'how nice' is any place on earth, in real time.