How Nice Is …?

The aesthetic appeal and livability of any urban or non-urban area should not be decided solely by external authorities. As citizens, we seek to have a say, offer suggestions, and actively engage in the design and development of our communities.

Our Mission

To empower citizens to actively participate in the design and development of both urban and non-urban environments, contributing to the creation of vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive communities through innovative digital engagement tools and platforms.

Budimir Knezevic – Founder/CEO

Empower. Engage. Design


Digital Platform Development:
То design and develop user-friendly digital platforms that enable citizens to participate in the design and development of both urban and non-urban environments.

Community Education and Engagement:
To offer educational programs and resources that teach citizens about design principles, aesthetics, and sustainability. Organize workshops, events, and online forums that facilitate discussions and collaboration among citizens, designers, planners, and other stakeholders.

Public Consultation and Feedback:
To establish mechanisms for ongoing public consultation and feedback on design and development projects. Use digital tools to gather input, preferences, and concerns from citizens, and incorporate this feedback into decisions.

Crowdsourced Design Challenges:
To host crowdsourced design challenges that invite both professionals and citizens to submit their ideas and designs for specific projects. Encourage creativity, innovation, and collaboration among participants.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences:
To develop VR and AR experiences that allow citizens to visualize and interact with design proposals. Provide virtual tours, walkthroughs, and simulations that help citizens understand and evaluate proposed designs.

Public Art and Design Competitions:
To organize public art and design competitions that encourage citizens to create and submit their own designs for public spaces. Promote public engagement, creativity, and community pride.

Digital Design Workshops and Tutorials:
To offer online workshops and tutorials that teach citizens about design software, techniques, and best practices. Empower citizens with the skills and knowledge to actively participate in the design process.

Social Media Campaigns and Advocacy:
To launch social media campaigns and advocacy efforts that raise awareness about design topics and encourage public participation.

Partnerships and Collaboration:
To collaborate with local governments, NGOs, universities, and other organizations to promote digital engagement in design and development. Leverage partnerships to reach a wider audience, share resources, and scale impact.