How nice is there?

We believe that Aesthetic experiences and aesthetical perception may be some of the most important aspects that can affect human life.

Aesthetic experience is always experience, and never conceptual thought, which gives the right to aesthetic judgment. Feeling of pleasure or displeasure, on a personal level.

Aesthetical perception is influencing our everyday decisions, where to walk, where to run, where to go for holidays, etc. But it is also important in making big decisions like moving, buying a home, or investing in real estate.

We started with mapping our Personal Aesthetical perception of the places (with our rating tool) and creating color-coded maps.

We don’t rate business. The only thing business-related we rate is the footprint that the business has on the Aesthetics of the area.

This tool is a starting point; the map should stimulate people to do something about their neighborhoods. But the map itself is not the purpose, it’s just the tool that we want to build other tools on it and start changing the world.